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my experience in blogging

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Seminar is one way of developing one man’s capabilities. It gives an additional knowledge which can perform a big benefit for everyday living. Aside from the additional knowledge it can offer you, it can also give you an additional experiences which may serve as an additional inspiration on obtaining your own goals in life. So no wonder why this kind of activity covers a broad area not only when it comes on knowledge but also on developing one’s capabilities and expertise. It is fun and very knowledgeable, so it is a great foundation of knowledge and experiences.

So that’s why when my teacher told me to take a test for this kind of seminar I take the opportunity for it is only once in a lifetime experience. So I take a test and fortunately I was one of the students chosen.It was my first time to join a seminar like this. And I was very much amazed for the warm welcome that the CICT has offered us. I am vey much thankful for I have given a chance to join this seminar. I really admire the resource person who are responsible on sharing their ideas to us on how can we (the participants) be an efficient person when it comes on blogging.

I really love joining a seminar, but what I really love is gaining more kwoledge. I never thought that I could make my own blog, I thought it’s only for the credible people or I should say the efficient people having fulfillment in their lives. But I was wrong, because blogging can also be used by the students like me who wants to share their kwoledge and experiences.

During the first day I was very much exited and nervous. Many thoughts comes rushing to my mind like I might failed on doing the assigned responsibility for me as one of the participant on this event. But those thoughts fade away when the program hadalreay started. And during the second day, the seminar already began,even in the second day I already gain a lot of ideas which the speakers have shared us. And in the third day,the diffirent activities were finally given for us to do. And when the fourth day come,i was very much amazed on the things i’ve learned about blogging. And until now I’m enjoying this seminar which is our fifth day…


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“i love pc…”

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i love computers for it is one way of learnig new ideas and gaining more kowledge about today’s new way of a  big help for me as astudent because it makes researches fun and more exiting…even the adults like teachers are very much fond of using it in their daily lives it don’t just give fun to them but it also help them make their works easier and more is vary useful to people especially forthe students like me,it gives ay for peolple having difficult times on useful the computer is right?…

Hello world!

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